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green frying pan

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Quality - 80%
Design - 80%
Performance - 75%
Price - 70%
Durability - 75%



Beautiful Looking Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan.It's Green Color gives a Premium Look.

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Ozeri’s Green Frying Pan is one of the best frying pans with dual ceramic coating from Germany. The dual ceramic coat gives unique non-stick experience while cooking. The Ozeri’s are 100% free of PTFE, PFOA and APEO still giving the best non-stick performance. The Green Earth Pans do not release any harmful gas like other nonstick pans do.

The German made ceramic coatings stays durable, reliable and highly scratch resistant. It remains safe under the high temperature. The green pots allow cooking the food at the half amount of the oil. The pans are made with the high-quality aluminum die-cast that allows the pan to heat evenly without leaving any hotspots. Apart from all, it comes with easy cleaning, so even with the fatty foods like eggs, the cleaning of the pan is struggle free.

green fry pan

Who should use the Ozeri’s Green Frying Pan?

  • Novice Cook:

Are you new to cooking? Ozeri’s Green Earth Pan is the best cooking companion for you. The pans will allow you to cook the food easily without the need of any other helper. As a novice cook, you may need to redo the things, and the easy cleaning of the pan will help you to prepare it again for the next round of cooking.

  • Housewives:

Taking care of the family by cooking the less greasy food is the most responsibility of the wives. Green Earth Pans will help you taking care of the family by reducing the oil needs for even frying. The Green Pans are helpful to use for a wide variety of the dishes.

  • Professional Cooks:

As a being professional cook you need to take care of the properly prepared food, The Green Earth Pan’s dual coat ceramic with the highly durable aluminum die-cast allows to heat the pan entirely without any heat spots. Pan’s non-stickiness allows you to stir-fry the food perfectly.The Ozeri’s Green Frying Pans are coming to a new fresh design that makes your cooking experience modern.


  • Extremely safe GREBLON ceramic coat with no substantial and harmful metals like PTFE, PFOA, and APEO.
  • Honeycomb surface to give the even heat distribution to all over the surface.
  • Easy to clean and scratch resistance dual ceramic coating.
  • Heat resistance silicon coated handle, the temperature of the handle is maintained even if the pan is heated.
  • Magnetized pan base allows safe support for the inductions.

green pan

green pan

Weight  3.3 Pounds
Color  Green
Dimensions  12 x 20 x 3 inches
Size  12-Inch
Oven Safe Upto  480º
Material Type  Ceramic


  • Free from harmful and heavy materials
  • Support up to 480-degree Feranheat
  • Panhandle is very comfortable and safe to hold even if the pan is heated.


  • The matching lids are not coming with the pack, and you may need to purchase it optional as extra.


  • Is the Ozeri;s Green Earth Pan safe? 

Yes, Ozeri’s Green Earth Pans come with dual ceramic coating from Germany. Pans are 100% free from the harmful toxins and chemicals like PTFE, PFOA, and APEO. It is made from the German made ceramic called GREBLON. The pans are safe to use with the higher temperature up to 480º Fahrenheit.

  • Does the pan use the much oil for the stir-fry?

The pans unique design allows for cooking the food with the minimal amount of oil. In fact, it uses the half amount of the oil than other non-stick pans.

  • From where can I buy the Pan?

Pan is available at all the leading supermarkets. You can also order it from the website or the Amazon store.

  • Does the pan come with the lid?

The pan does not come with the lid, but you can buy the matching led as an option accessory.


Ozeri’s Green Earth Pan is the must have in your kitchen. It comes with a modern design. The green pans are designed by the inspiration from nature and in the laboratory. The pans are free from the harmful chemicals like PTFE, PFOA, and APEO. The pans use the least amount of oil that indirectly help you for the better health. The higher scratch resistance, durability and support the higher temperature gives the highest rating for the value for money

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